February 2, 2024

Stools of Style: Elevate Home Decor with Our Bar Stool Guide

A bar stool is one of the rare pieces of furniture though able to bring some style almost any room in your house. It doesn't matter what stool you want to put in the kitchen, dining, drawing room or bedroom, it is useful in multiple ways. It is not only about improved aesthetics but also additional utility. Thus, if you want to provide a feature of whom there are not many in the industry, bar stool is the one.in this blog, you’ll learn how to elevate your home decor with a bar stool. So, let's get started!


Types of Stools You Can Add To Your Home Interior 

Here are some of the common yet elegant stool design descriptions that you can consider. 

Counter Height Stools

The Counter-height stools are designed for use on kitchen islands, breakfast bars, or counters. They have a seat height of between 24 and 26 inches, which means they can easily fit under standard kitchen counters that are approximately tall.  Counter-height stools are commonly used for casual dining areas as they are convenient for taking meals or having guests in the kitchen.

Bar Height Stools

Stools with bar height are taller than counter height stools, and they come in handy only for higher surfaces like bar counters, pub tables, or home bars. They usually have an average seat height of between 28 and 30 inches and are, therefore, suitable for bar heights about 40 to 42 inches high. Bar high stools offer sitting alternatives that lead to better socializing and drinking experiences or create a bar in the house or commercial settings.

Stools of Style: Elevate Home Decor with Our Bar Stool Guide


Adjustable Height Stools

The number one item of the home decoration stores that provide adjustable height stools. An adjustable height stool provides the dual benefits of versatility and flexibility needed to suit the different seat heights necessary for the users. These barstools are provided with either hydro- or pneumatic mechanisms which make the height adjustment an easier task, making them suitable for the workspaces with different counters heights and for accommodating people of different heights. The stools of an adjustable height that can be used for different heights is useful to solve the problem of multi-purpose areas where flexibility is the issue.

Swivel Stools

Swivel stools have a rotating seat wherein the users can easily turn in any direction without having to move the entire stool. This feature adds extra convenience and features, and as a result, users don't need to rearrange the stool to socialize, talk, or access things. Swivel stools are available in furniture stores at different heights, adjustable to counter height and bar height to match various uses. 


Backrest Stools

Backless stools differ from backrest stools, which are equipped with a backrest that improves the user`s comfort and lumbar support. These stools are great for prolonged sitting occasions, like when having a meal or chilling at a kitchen island or at your home bar. The type of back support stools is of different kinds, from low, high and contoured backrests, for the purpose of offering modern house design.


Tips for Selecting The Right Bar Stool For Your Home

Below are some helpful tips that will help you select the suitable stool for your space. 

  • Measure the Height: First, measure the height of your counter or bar before purchasing bar stools so that they fit correctly. If you leave the bottom of the stool 10 to 12 inches away from the countertop surface, you will create a comfortable dining setting.
  • Consider Comfort: Pick bar stools made with unique features and options for comfortable seating, like padded seats, backrests, and footrests. It is to ensure that the time you and your guests spend sitting will be fun and comfortable. If you are looking for comfortable seating, Lux Home Decor has the best collection of stools. 
  • Think About Maintenance: There are factors like the ease of cleaning and maintenance when you are choosing the bar stools. Choose materials and finishes that are durable, spill-proof, stain-proof, and scratch-proof and which will withstand cleaning and maintenance for many years to come.
  • Mix and Match: Forget about keeping everything homogeneous; combine different styles, materials, and finishes, and your room will be –perhaps, a conversation starter. Play with mixing different styles of stools to add visual interest and a personal touch to a room.

The Bottom Line 

Bar stool is the best solution to transform your house seating into a modern design. Bar stools add a unique element to your place and enhance the home interior's aesthetics. So, if you want to transform your house design with elegant furniture pieces, go for the right design and size. For more information about bar stools, feel free to contact our furniture expert at +1(866)-327-0984