May 21, 2024

Clever Home Design Hacks to Make Your Tiny Space Feel Spacious

There is no scientific method for extending the size of a tiny space. But you can make your compact space more spacious by using some clever home design hacks. Small spaces are cozy and affordable but they need to design well. By adding a few elements you can make your tiny space feel spacious.

Below are useful tips that will help you achieve the perfect look for your house 

1. Add Large Windows To Make it Airy

Big windows are among the best tools for making a room look big enough. Why? Unlike really focusing on a certain part of a room, windows allow your eye to look beyond and be free. It is a paradoxical sensation when you can see the extra space with your eyes. 

Moreover, making your space more open and airy enhances the perception of space. The brain mentally adds the extra space dimension, increasing the room size.

Clever Home Design Hacks to Make Your Tiny Space Feel Spacious

2. Bench or Banquette Seating

Having no space for it is a common problem that affects mostly small homes. When choosing home decor furniture, go for pieces that don’t occupy much space.

The coziest option is to add a bench or a built-in banquette to your dining area. Doubling the seats and effectively enhancing the appearance of your space is just one of the numerous benefits this will bring.

The reason behind the choice of a pedestal dining table is that the seats are set either on a bench or a banquette; hence, the table legs don’t obstruct those who are getting in and out of the bench seat. 

By going for the highest-end option of the completely upholstered custom-made solution, you will give your dining area a touch of luxury.  if you are on a tight budget, then opt for a bench and cover up with some loose cushions to add a finishing touch.


3. Full Height Doors

Full-height doors undoubtedly make a statement and will make your house appear as if it were the whole floor-to-ceiling height. In reality, you may not have such a luxurious height.

This is not a cost-cutting measure since you will have to do some construction work and have the doors custom-made. But if your home needs some kind of renovation, it is really worth trying.


4. Pick Perfect Dimensions

The wrong-sized rug or inappropriate furniture type will always be a room's first enemy, so measurements must be the first step before buying. A rug that is too large for the room will be too big and can consume a lot of space. As a result, the room will look smaller; on the other hand, too small a rug will be too small and can make the space look smaller. 

It is difficult to tell, but there are many guides for getting the right dimensions. It is recommended that you first get real measurements of the room you are working with to get the appropriate size for it.

Clever Home Design Hacks to Make Your Tiny Space Feel Spacious

5. Go For Floating Shelves for Vertical Access

The floating shelf is a wall-mounted shelf that does not expose its supporting brackets, unlike traditional shelves. This gives the impression that it is floating on the wall. 

This feature enables saving space, as they don't require vast floor areas and can still serve as bookshelves, decor storage, and small items' cupboards. Lux Home Decor has compact shelves that have spacious storage, occupy less space and look extremely stylish which is perfect for small spaces. 

6. Use Mid Tones or Pastels Colors

In this case, a light color palette can be more beneficial than a dark one. Such use of colors will, in turn, help make a small space look bigger. It is common knowledge that light colors give out more light than dark ones, which is why a room will look airy.

Whites, pastels, and neutrals are the most preferred colors for a small living space. In contrast, while some color on the walls might make the space look more alive and interesting, it is somewhat limited by the décor and paint.

Light or white shades of the walls are the right methods to use this tip, as such colors will be the background to the decorative and colorful details.

Another option is to select colors from the one color palette, which means that every color used in the room is a shade of the same color. For example, a wall could be of blue-grey color and light blue furniture and decorations could be matched with it to be united and soothing.

Final Thoughts 

By using the above-mentioned tips your space will not look tiny. By using the right colors and furniture pieces that have hidden storage and different features, you can make your small space more functional and welcoming.  To get perfect furniture pieces for your compact place, feel free to contact us at +1(866)-327-0984