November 24, 2023

Christmas Cheer: 12 Quick Living Room Makeover Tips

Christmas is coming next month. Are you planning a small get-together with your friends and family? To plan a small event in your house, you need to plan how to decorate it this year. Decorating your living room can be challenging for you. It needs some creativity to decorate your house for a festive. To help you decorate your house creatively, today you’ll learn 12 quick living room makeover tips.  

Christmas decoration is something that needs extra effort, but it is worth it. You can enjoy a cozy Christmas celebration with your loved ones in your home. When you decorate your house for a festival, there are a lot of options from traditional to unique decoration. You can decorate your house according to your taste and create a joyful environment in your home.  

Below are some tips that will significantly help you decorate your house for this Christmas.  

Bring Nature to the Room 

To give your house Christmas vibes, you need to add outdoor things inside your house. To create a Christmas atmosphere, you can add different pinecones, leaves, fresh flowers, berries, twigs, and plants. These natural elements will give you an outdoor Christmas party.  

Choose a Suitable Color Scheme 

To give your house a Christmas get-together look, you need to decorate your living room with a suitable color scheme. You can use two or three colors like: red, white, and green. Make sure the decorative items are of the same color scheme. The decoration will give the house a more pleasant look.  

You can use gold and silver to add some bling to the decoration. It will pop up the decorations for Christmas cheers.  


Christmas Cheer: 12 Quick Living Room Makeover TipsAdd Christmas Decoration 

To give your house a complete Christmas look, add Christmas decorative items. If you are a crafty person, you can create your own decorative item. It will add more uniqueness to the décor, and you’ll enjoy more decorating your house.  

If you want to give your house an aesthetic look, you can bring Christmas essentials from your nearest home décor outlet. 

Christmas Cheer: 12 Quick Living Room Makeover Tips

Decorate Your Living Room Windows 

If you have a spacious living room with big windows, you can use it to give a festive touch. You can add lights, flowers, wreaths, ribbons, and other decorative items to create a welcoming feel at your place.  

Place Twinkling Lights 

You can add twinkling lights to add depth and dramatic touch to the décor. Adding lights will brighten up your house for Christmas. You can place twinkling lights at the door, windows, Christmas tree, and places you want to lighten up.  

Get the Right Tree 

For Christmas, there are various types of trees that are available in different sizes. The most common trees used on Christmas are scotch pine, sugar pine, noble fir, balsam fir, and more. There are many faux varieties if you don’t want to buy the natural one.  

But to give a traditional feel to the festival, you can use the traditional tree and decorate it according to your requirements.  

Decorate Your Shelf 

You can decorate your shelves to fully complement your living room for Christmas celebrations. You can add some greenery to the shelves.  

Moreover, you can add some decorative items, like ornaments and wreaths to the shelves.  

Add Cozy Pillows 

You can add some pillows to make your seating area more comfortable and cozy. With decorative and colorful pillows with Christmas motifs, it will add warmth to your space. Pillows will add uniqueness to your chairs and seats.  

However, if you don’t have Christmas pattern pillows, you can place red pillows in your place that will give your house a Christmas look.  

Add Scented Candles 

To make the environment more pleasant, you can place candles on coffee tables, side tables, and shelves. It will make the living space more elegant and create a lovely fragrance that everyone will love. Scented candles can make any place refreshing and lovable. Therefore, to give your house a pleasing ambiance, you should add scented candles to your place. 

Bring New Furniture Pieces 

If you’re planning to buy a few pieces of furniture but waiting for the right occasion, Christmas is around the corner. Buy stylish and cozy furniture that will completely change your living room's look. You can place new furniture to get it ready for Christmas. 

 At Lux Home Décor, you can find beautiful and elegant furniture pieces that will complement your house for Christmas.   

Place Wreaths 

You can place lively wreaths in different living room spots to give your house a welcoming and festive look. A wreath is a vital element that instantly adds to the Christmas feel. In the market, there are different types of artificial wreaths available, and you can decorate them with decorative items and twinkling lights.  

Use Ribbons  

You can use ribbons to decorate your space. You can make different bows that will bring cheers to the place. You can place bows on different mirrors, windows, doors, and tables. With the help of a clip, you can use ribbon and hang different ornaments and Christmas cards. It is a unique idea and always looks good in a room full of Christmas decorations. 

Moreover, if you want to keep your Christmas tree simple, you can wrap the ribbon on the tree or hang decorative items on the tree. To completely give a Christmas look, use red ribbons. 

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, with the tips mentioned above, you may get the idea to decorate your house for this Christmas. No matter how you choose to decorate, some common things, like wreaths, lights, and Christmas trees, will give your house a festive look. For more guidance, you can call us at +1(866)-327-0984.