January 19, 2024

What Are the Different Types of Recliners and Their Features

When it comes to comfort and convenience, there should be no compromise on it. Some types of furniture are best for providing relaxation and comfort, such as a recliner. Recliners are available in the market with multiple features that will amaze you.  

If you’re planning to buy one, it is important for you to know the different types of recliners and their features. This way it will help you to make the best decision when buying recliners. Choosing the right recliner can be challenging, but with complete knowledge, you can make the best decision.  

In this blog, you’ll learn the types of recliners with their amazing features. So, let’s get started! 

What is a Recliner? 

A recliner is a form of sofa chair that helps to rest your body with comfort. A recliner is available in different varieties to provide convenience. It is available in cloth and leather with both manual and electric options. People who like massage and heated seats can for that option as well. 

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Lay Flat Recliner  

Lay flat recliner is one of the common types that is used to provide a good position while sleeping or resting. Just like a bed, it helps the person to lie horizontally to enhance comfort while watching TV or reading a book. It is one of the good options if you are looking for living room furniture.  

Features of Lay Flat Recliner  

  • The main feature of lay flat armchair is that it allows an individual to lie horizontally within seconds with the help of a button.  
  • It has comfortable padding that makes sure the seat and arm handle provide comfort to the person. 
  • It comes in multiple recline positions that help adjust the angle according to the person’s preference.  


Traditional Recliners 

The traditional recliner is still the choice of many when it comes to looking for simplicity and comfort. These include plush cushioning, padded armrests, and a mechanism that enables the body to rest when one leans back. Traditional recliners come in a variety of materials like leather, fabrics, and microfibers. 

Features Of Traditional Recliners 

  • Manual reclining mechanism 
  • It comes in an array of colors and styles to suit different settings. 

Wall-Hugger Recliners 

The wall-hugger is intended for use in tiny rooms or spaces that have too little free space. This means they can be placed near the wall and still extend fully without hitting the wall behind them. It also saves space; therefore, they are suitable for apartments or small homes. Thus, if you have a smaller place, this recliner for living room is perfect for you. 

Features of Wall-Hugger Recliner 

  • It takes up minimal free space behind it as it reclines. 
  • Available in many different styles and materials. 
  • The best option is for smaller spaces that don’t have enough space.  

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Massage Recliners 

The massage recliner takes relaxation to a higher level as it comes with built-in massage features. The recliners have several massage modes and the ability for you. You can adjust to the amount of pressure needed to relieve the stress and tension when seated comfortably. People who have back pain and issues can ring massage recliners to their place to experience real comfort and coziness.

Features Of Massage Recliners 

  • Multiple massage modes for different body parts 
  • heated options for soothing warmth 
  • Remote controls for easy customization. 

Lever Handle Recliner  

The lever handle recliner is made up of wood that raises the footrest so the person can rest on the armchair completely. This basic lever-handle recliner chair offers comfort, simplicity, and nostalgia for old times when your parents used to rest on chairs. Lever handles reclines can recreate that same old look if you want to recreate that feel, and you are a little on the budget side.

Features of Lever Handle Recliner 

  • Manual operation 
  • Durable piece of furniture 
  • It is an affordable option for people with a tight budget 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Available in multiple colors and materials. 

At Lux Home Décor, there is a variety of recliners that will make your life much easier and convenient. Recliners are the best choice for you if you want to enjoy your rest time on comfortable furniture.  

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The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, with the types as mentioned above, you might know different options in recliners. The recliner is the best option if you’re suffering from body aches or want something relaxing and comfortable. Make your life much easier by bringing the latest technology recliner to your place. It not only relaxes your body but gives your space an aesthetic look. To learn more about recliners, you can call us at +1(866)-327-0984