May 3, 2024

The Importance of Area Rugs in Home Interior Design

An area rug is the name given to a rug that covers only part of the floor. This is an ideal decoration that can be used to bring all the elements together and give personality or coziness to your room, as well as having a lot of benefits. A carpet or a rug seems to be one of most liked home decor items that can be inserted anywhere in the room with no difficulty. Regardless of its location, it will contribute to an overall atmosphere of the living space. 


How Do You Define an Area Rug? 

A rug is a great floor covering which is made from thick and heavy fabric that usually is napped or piled. Area rugs come in numerous designs to give customers a choice. Through features like patterns, textures, shapes, and various colors they characterize them.  Furthermore, they can also be adjusted to obtain a certain form that will fit some interior or house design specifications.

Area rugs are available in various forms. They are differentiated by the patterns, textures, shapes and colors among others. In addition to that, they can also be customized to meet certain home or interior design project requirements. For instance, a number of area rugs are geometric (being rectangular and circular the most common outlines), and others are in irregular, organic shapes. A rug creates a common area and adds uniqueness, style and comfort to this space.

Also, it adds color to the floor area and softness to the overall space. Nonetheless, area rugs are not just decoration; they have a wealth of other benefits.


What Are The Benefits of Area Rugs? 

A Flexible Home Decor Item


Rugs can be used with a variety of different flooring types. Their versatility adds to their appeal. First of all, they are the conventional decorative choices for homes with laminate, tiles, granite, and other hard surfaces. Hard and stiff wood or tile floors could be a problem. However, a rug of this size will transform and beautify these surfaces.

Besides the flooring, the rugs can also be used alongside wall-to-wall carpeting. On the other hand, the perfect rug paired up with the wall-to-wall carpet may add the needed touch of color and design to your decor.


A source of colors, texture, and patterns.

The Importance of Area Rugs in Home Interior Design


A rug can change the mood of the room by giving colors a great influence. An example of this might be a bright rug, which would work very well together with neutral colors.  Conversely, a neutral rug would fit a room with more vibrant colors. Rugs are available in different tones, hence turning out to be a great way of balancing the mood of a particular room.

A rug adds an extra sense of feeling through textured component as well. It creates a nice texture which matches the current interior trend. When you are dealing with boring and dull decor already done well, the texture of an area rug can liven them up and render them very elegant. Furthermore, it can give common room accessories more texture and variety.


A light element that contrasts with a dark space.


Another way to create contrast is through the use of rugs. Vivid pieces are perfect to highlight dark interiors and dimly lit places such as those with hardwood or laminate flooring. The floors made of both of these kinds will make usually a bedroom, a living room or even a room without window unlit. 

While you can not really deliver light to those places with a colorful area rug, you can make them come alive. Even a bright color can bring some energy into a room. For instance, a red, orange, or lime green rug can easily bring life and joy into a space.


Reduced Noise


Rugs do not simply add beauty to the floor decoration. In addition to that, they provide you with the practical function of keeping noise at a moderate level. The woven carpets do very well on suppressing the sound waves as they take care of echoes and cushion the sound. Softwood, carpet, or any rough surfaces reflect sounds which influence noise levels of a room. Therefore, a simple solution is to use a rug, which will act as an acoustic barrier.

This is good for houses that have an open floor plan including the areas which have many movements where noise level reduces and the ambiance becomes peaceful.



The best thing about area rugs is that you can use them anywhere, and they will always have an impact and add value to your space. Through the provision of premium-quality rugs, Lux Home Decor helps you to create the most beautiful interior in your home. Call us now or contact us today, for our team will reach you any time.