August 18, 2023

7 ways to incorporate sustainable furniture into your home

Many of us are becoming increasingly aware of and proactive about our responsibility to the environment. We're not just looking for eco-friendly solutions in how we eat, dress, or accessorize, but also when it comes to furnishing our homes! People everywhere seem more inclined towards sustainable decor choices that won't compromise their style while still caring for the planet.

If you're looking for an easy way to make your home more sustainable, check out eco-friendly furniture brands. Not only does it contribute towards a greener planet, but it can also provide the luxury look and feel that many of us desire when decorating our homes! Sustainable pieces are made from renewable materials such as bamboo or driftwood, free from pollutants, and processed with environmentally conscious techniques, so there's no need to worry about harming our beloved Mother Nature while getting creative in your interior design project.

These are a few ways that you can incorporate sustainable furniture into your home without sacrificing style and comfort.

Get rid of your old items the right way.

It's time to go green! Sustainability and minimalism are musts when it comes to creating an eco-friendly home. Before you splurge on new furniture, take the necessary steps by getting rid of your old items responsibly—no more throwing them out in the backyard!  

Say goodbye to all those unwanted household items and get some cash in return! Instead of throwing out furniture or home décor in near-perfect condition, why not make a buck off them? You can sell your goodies on social media, hit up eBay for shoppers around the world, or go  with a garage sale or flea market. With the profit you gain from these sales, treat yourself by pocketing that extra dough or splurging on something new; either way, you'll be killing two birds with one stone!

Donating them is also a great option. Many charities accept donations in good condition (not completely run-down), like furniture or home décor pieces, so long as the quality holds up. By donating these gently used possessions for reuse, others can benefit from this act of kindness, which has positive effects on sustainability too. If you've got furniture that's seen better days, don't just toss it; give it away! See if family and friends would like to take them off your hands. If not, try posting an offer on social media or setting the items free with a "free" sign in front of them for others who might want to practice their upcycling skills.

Refurbish your old furniture items.

Looking to breathe new life into your home but not ready to say goodbye to beloved pieces of furniture? Revamping can be a great solution. Explore the idea of refurbishing by giving old items some love and attention with paint, fabrics, or other recycled materials. Sustainable décor doesn't only come from eco-friendly sources; bring in existing objects for creative DIY projects that lend fresh style and character without having too much impact on our environment!

Transform unsightly pieces of furniture into one-of-a-kind beauties with some TLC! That outdated, stained sofa could be given new life by ditching the retro 70s print and reupholstering it in a clean fabric that complements your interior design. Take a scratched-up dining set and give it an upgrade—try sanding down any nicks before repainting or refinishing to bring out its true color. And if you think all is lost on an old painting, don't fret; both professional artists and DIYers can restore faded paintings to their former glory (or even better!).

There are simply too many DIY furniture ideas. Why buy a brand new couch or side table when you can breathe life back into your existing pieces? With some love and care, an old décor item may look like something fresh off the shelf! Taking care of what we already have is one way that we can ensure these items stick around for years, giving them much-deserved longevity.

DIY a new furniture piece.

Changing up your furniture game can be a fun and invigorating experience, but why fork over the money for brand-new items when you don't have to? Sustainable wood furniture offers an interesting alternative; components come disassembled, giving crafty homeowners everywhere the chance to assemble their unique pieces. Better yet: When it's time for something else, shake things up again by constructing whatever takes your fancy! It turns out furnishing doesn't need to revolve around spending lots of cash; with sustainable options in play, you can give yourself permission (and some room) to get creative with what already exists in your home. Whether it's an old lamp or a vintage dresser, you can use any item and reimagine it into something new. Unleash your inner artist and give pre-owned items the makeover they deserve.

Lux Home Decor

It's time to get creative with the things that may seem forgotten and ignored, like outdated wardrobes or old dressers. Upcycle them instead of just throwing them away! Transform those wardrobe doors you don't need anymore into stylish kitchen cabinets, livening up a room in an instant. Or if there's a huge vintage dresser lying around somewhere collecting dust, but it’s too special for you to part ways with, why not divide it professionally and make two bedside tables? It'll give your bedroom a neat visual flair without having to buy anything—now how cool is that?!

Go thrifting!

Ready to spruce up your living area but not ready to blow the bank? If you're looking for a unique and budget-friendly way to give your space some new life, then thrifting is the answer! Thrift stores are full of hidden gems (think antique furniture) just waiting to be discovered. And if it fits in with this season's trending color palette, perfect! One quick coat of paint will make that piece good as new again! Not only does shopping second-hand save money, but there’s an incredible sense of history embedded within each item—so why buy a brand new one when you can bring home something special instead?

Buy eco-friendly furniture pieces

Choosing an eco-friendly furniture brand for your home may seem like a daunting task, but it's not only important for environmental sustainability; it also plays an essential role in promoting our health. Many of us spend most of our time indoors, and traditional furnishings can be major polluters of the air we breathe. To avoid this negative impact on both ourselves and the environment, purchasing sustainable furniture pieces is key! Look out for items made with reclaimed materials or non-toxic stains like the Rattan Armchair or the Blanco Console Table from Lux Home Decor to ensure you’re making conscious decisions that align with what matters most to you.

If you're on a mission to purchase eco-friendly furniture, the materials used must be sustainable. The great news is that there’s no shortage of options! Wood has been an extremely popular choice because it's long-lasting and can be found in both reclaimed and recycled forms, meaning fewer trees need to be cut down for us to enjoy our wood furnishings. While synthetic materials like PVC, plastic, or vinyl should be avoided whenever possible, biodegradable sources such as plant-based products, wood, and paper make great alternatives—especially when considering furniture items with a limited lifespan!

It's easy to get captivated by the aesthetic of a piece of furniture, or if it comes with an affordable price tag, but have you taken into consideration how long it will last before needing replacing? Sustainable and eco-friendly furnishing companies create high-quality products that are built for durability; this makes well-made pieces worth their weight in gold as they can stand up against day-to-day wear and tear without crumbling. Investing in sustainable items not only prevents them from ending up at landfill sites prematurely but also means fewer trips back down your local store's home décor aisle!

Your safety matters!

Choosing sustainable wood furniture for your home can involve more than just how it looks and fits in the room. Your health is also at stake, so making sure CARB2-certified furniture pieces are used ensures that you limit formaldehyde exposure.

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If you’re going for a green home, it’s important to pay attention not only to the raw materials used in furniture construction but also to what kind of finish is applied. Unfortunately, many manufacturers use solvents and other toxic substances like VOCs, which  produce that "new car smell" we all know so well, pollute our homes, and even contribute to health problems like asthma or allergies. To protect your family from harm without sacrificing aesthetics, solvent-based lacquers are becoming increasingly popular as they create an equally attractive look while providing much less environmental damage than their solvent-based counterparts. Plus, there's always unfinished wood out there too, if you're feeling brave! With natural varnishes on top, even this will last longer against heat, moisture, etc., earning its certification by Greenguard standards.


Use recycled décor.

You may have gone green and purchased an eco-friendly piece of furniture, but that doesn't mean you can’t show off your style. Luckily for us all, there's a reliable way to spruce up any living space with minimalistic vibes: recycled décor pieces! Tossing in a few interesting knickknacks here and there will instantly transform the atmosphere into something unique and special that reflects you.

Instead of chucking out worn-out bedding and curtains, why not upcycle them into a show-stopping furniture accessory? A pair of chic cushion covers fashioned from an old funky bed sheet adds character to any couch, while transforming those aging drapes into something like a luxurious sofa throw can take their decorative impact to another level. Who says you need to splash the cash on brand-new homeware when some recycling savvy is all that’s needed for maximum style with minimum effort?

Feeling like your bedroom could use a facelift? Instead of reaching for the paint roller, try sprucing up your space with recycled items! Your old bed sheets can provide you with an interesting Kaka-esque backdrop. Raid those discarded magazine piles and cover those walls with pages from some of your favorites to show off key elements of who you are without breaking the bank or endangering the environment. Recycling has never looked this stylishly sustainable!

If you're looking for an eco-friendly interior design, don't think it's all about sacrifice; there are plenty of stylish sustainable furniture pieces out there that will look great in your home. Sustainable furnishings often prove to be a good long-term investment too, as they tend to last longer than regular options thanks to their robust materials and construction techniques, culminating in the lacquering process not leaving any toxins behind, which also provides peace of mind when thinking about safety inside our homes. So why not start incorporating some green décor into your space today? The possibilities await!