Top Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard

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If you intend to get the pool in your backyard, you have to consider the top pool design ideas that can enhance the beauty of your house’s exterior. And at the same time, it can also be the oasis in the summer days. There are many kinds of designs that you can use for your backyard pool. Make sure that the idea you choose can be matched with your house’s whole design.

top pool design ideas

Top Pool Design Ideas: the Tropical Design

The tropical design in top pool design ideas will give you the warming look. To get the tropical look, all you have to do is surrounding your pool with many green plants. For the plants, you can choose the tropical plants. Bamboo is the popular choice. For the flooring, you can use the wooden tile that is water resistant. The chaise lounges can also be placed in the side of the pool. Make sure the furniture you choose is waterproof.

top pool design ideas

top pool design ideas

Top Pool Design Ideas: the Beach House

You do not have to have the large and wide pool to get the beach house design in top pool design ideas. You can use design the pool based on the design of your exterior tile forms. The marble floor is all you need to enhance the beauty. For the placement, make sure your pool is located in front of the beach next your house. And for the lighting, you can use the underwater lighting that can give the unique color.

If it is possible, you can also add the floating candles in your pool to get the romantic look in the night. This is the best idea, especially if you hold the poolside party. And for the furniture, no matter what kind of ideas you get for your pool, make sure that the things you choose can provide comfort and peace. Choose the thick cushions for the chairs and side tables. Bright color is the best choice in top pool design ideas since it will not absorb the heat.

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